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Daniel Radcliffe’s First Fuck Is An Older Woman

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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Former child star Daniel Radcliffe lost his virginity to an older woman? According to an interview in the October issue of Details magazine, the Harry Potter actor had sex at age of sixteen with a woman who was quite a bit older. And it’s all legal and everything since sixteen years old is the age of consent for sexual intercoursein the United Kingdom. To see more photos of a buck naked Daniel Radcliffe, click on the link.

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Daniel’s first lover is not “cougar” old, but pretty darn close. He is not naming names, but a source has provided the name of the woman that Daniel fucked to Us Weekly, according to its website. Staying mum on the name of the woman who popped his cherry, Daniel tells Details that the age difference “wasn’t ridiculous” but concedes “it would freak some people out.” Well, at least it wasn’t Professor McGonagall. Or Mrs. Weasley. Or Snape…

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If you want to see more Daniel Radcliffe naked photos, just click on the link.

Catch Daniel naked in real life

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Photographer Tim Hailand compiled a photo set of Daniel Radcliffe documenting one day in his life, during his broadway run of Equus. The album, named “One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe” (of course), captures moments in his day, from the mundande, as in brushing his teeth, to the climax of the day, which would be him performing on stage. It’s pretty much an uncensored piggyback along Dan’s day, where any fan can  catch a glimpse of his routine as one of Britian’s most popular young stars.

Of course, what this means for us, guys and gals, is that we can go all voyeur-like and catch sight of Dan’s hot treasure trail as he steps out of the shower, even probably look at the bulge in his still-damp towel. I am unfortunate enough to have the book in my hands yet, but I’m sure any scopophilic pervert out there who has his eyes on Dan probably considers this book the Holy Grail of all DanRad Stalkers. I suppose you’ll all go out and get a copy of this book (once you break out of jail for leaping at Dan and his equestrian cock on stage on broadway, of course), but since I know you’re too impatient to be flipping through his pages and seeing nothing really, but a couple of disappointing pages of Dan inconveniently toweled over, let me just guide you to actual naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe. Anyway, the most important photo Hailand shot of him’s already posted here, so why bother fishing change for a coffee table book? If you’re a fan of the guy, by all means, go. But if you’re just a horny pervert ready with the bottle of Jergens in your hand, then click!